Why Apple’s new MacBook should worry Microsoft

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Normally, a single ultra-portable Mac release should not worry Windows team but recent announcements made by Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs should give them number of reasons to fear. Granted, Microsoft’s massive share of the PC market will not be affected much by the product itself but the product shows some capabilities that Microsoft would hardly seem to match.

MacBook Air

One of the biggest surprise is the ability to instantly resume with the touch of a button (it’s really instantly resume). Although Windows 7 shows vast improvements in resume time compared to its predecessor, even the best Windows PCs cannot match this new Mac feature.

The speed is simply due to the fact that it has flash storage, but greater attribution goes to the fact that Apple built the new Air knowing there would not be a traditional storage anymore. Thus, it designs the system accordingly, allowing it to speed up tasks even further.

The typical challenge for Windows is when they need to make sure the operating system works on everything that meets its minimum specifications. Working with a wide range of hardware partners and supporting years old machines, Windows cannot focus on the ultimate performance for the sake of compatibility.

Developments on chip should help speed things up. Microsoft still have another advantage on the price front – thanks to flash storage that continues to be far pricier than traditional hard drives.So, any move to standardize on solid state storage will ensure Windows laptops remain price-competitive.

There is one more thing that worries people in Redmond – Apple is planning on bringing an app store to the Mac, which may rejuvenate Apple’s computers as a place for software development. This is a good opportunity for small, inexpensive programs that have succeeded on the iPad and iPhone. It’s quite hard to get a $1 program distributed in the traditional software world, but simply easy in a world of application stores. Software distribution method also makes the Air’s lack of an optical drive more acceptable.

Apple App Store

Microsoft is also taking action with planning of an app store of its own for Windows 8, though there is no time estimate when the debut is scheduled.

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