Viper 5901 Responder LC3 SuperCode SST 2-Way Security Review

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Viper 5901 Full Feature Car Alarm With Remote Start And 2-Way Pager
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The Viper 5901 is a combination car alarm and remote starter. You will be able to protect your vehicle through a variety of features including the starter kill, the shock and door sensors. The Viper 5901 car alarms have a large LCD screen on the remote that will keep you alerted to everything that happens to your car. The incredible features and reliability of these car alarms make them stand out from the competition.

In remote start mode, if Active Temp Check is selected, Responder LC3 will display Temperature (in either Fahrenheit or Celsius) instead of the time (the default display). Now you can see the actual temperature inside the vehicle, before walking through the weather to get to it! If it isn’t warm enough inside your car yet, use Runtime Reset to extend your runtime. Don’t worry about forgetting about your car – Responder LC3 reminds you 3 minutes before your time runs out, with an audible tone, a vibration, and on the screen.

If anything happens to your vehicle, Responder LC3 notifies you right away if you are within range, playing the Revenger siren tones from inside your pocket. If anything has happened to your vehicle during your absence, LC3 spells out what happened when you unlock your doors: “Shock Sensor” for example.

Or you can silence your car’s siren and only be alerted on your remote, with Silent Mode2 sirenless arming. Arm your alarm with the door open and Responder LC3 will alert you – audibly and with large readable text: “DOOR OPEN”. Responder LC3 gives you an unprecedented level of control.


  • easily readable LCD screen that will alert you to whatever is happening to your car
  • shock sensors will go off whenever your car is moved in any way
  • intuitive and is rechargeable with any USB port
  • start your car and the air conditioner or heater and bring the temperature to a preset level
  • 24 different options and functions
  • for an additional charge you can have your phone turned into the remote


The Viper 5901 car alarms are affordable, packed full of spectacular and original features and the manufacturer offers great customer service. We loved the remote starting options and the ability to replace the remote with your smartphone.

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  1. Its a cool new design from D.E.I. The system has a lot of new features that will help out alot of shops. No complaints thus far. So if your looking to upgrade to a new alarm/remote start i would suggest this one.

    Overall Rating55555
    Value For Money55555

Overall Rating
Value For Money

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