TomTom ONE 130 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

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TomTom One 130
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The TomTom One 130 marks a new beginning for the company’s line of basic GPS. You still get TomTom’s hallmark ease of use and community features, but the portable navigation systems now boast more compact designs as well as a new vehicle mount that can be easily and neatly stowed away with the device. The One 130 also includes text-to-speech functionality, which is nice to see in an entry-level device.

But the ONE 130 also has some glaring flaws. Several find the 130S model’s voice-guided directions are hard to hear, and the car adaptor will be a necessary for longer trips, as the 130 only has an estimated two-hour battery life. Lastly, larger fingers might find the TomTom ONE’s onscreen keyboard difficult to master.

The drawback of that is that it tends to draw attention to the written map on the GPS device than keeping your eyes on the road. This situation is aggravated by the ONE 130’s speaker which is often provides inadequate volume. Additionally, this unit’s screen is smaller than most contemporary models measuring just 3.5-inches diagonally compared to 4.3-inches which has become the standard. The difference may not seem like much but it matters when you’re trying to find information with just a quick glance. This device also lacks voice recognition and IQ Routes that we find helpful on pricier TomTom models.

Characteristic of TomTom devices, the ONE 130 has a very responsive touchscreen on which data entry is easy. It can receive real time traffic data but only if you opt to purchase the accessory receiver.

Overall, the TomTom One 130 is a very capable GPS unit at a very affordable price. You don’t get a lot of extras, but then again, you won’t end up paying for them, either.

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