Sony BRAVIA Z Series KDL-52Z5100 52-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

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Sony BRAVIA Z Series KDL-52Z5100 52-Inch 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV
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Sony’s last few generations of LCD TVs have earned their share of kudos in these pages for solid video performance and style. But with most TV makers making the switch to ultra-thin bezel designs, the high-tech “picture frame” look of Sony’s XBR-series LCDs was starting to seem a bit, well, baroque. For its new Z-series sets, the company decided to finally trim down the bezel to the one-inch width that’s fast becoming standard for LCD TVs. The KDL-46Z4100 sports this sleek, spiffy new design (it’s available in piano black or brushed metal), which also makes use of narrow, near-invisible speakers mounted at the bottom and separated by a clear acrylic window.

Screen/picture clarity

Powered by the Sony’s proprietary technologies, the KDL-46Z4100/B excels in video processing and colour accuracy, rendering almost perfect primary and secondary colors, along with greyscale. However, the black levels delivered by KDL-46Z4100/B leaves much to be desired – it is less impressive than other Sony TVs and fluctuates from total darkness to bright displays abruptly. Those factors make this HDTV less than superb in our view.

Sony’s Motionflow 120hz. dejudder makes fast motions smooth and left fewer artefacts than other TVs. The KDL-46Z4100/B also delivers uniform brightness across the screen, and performs better than competing brands in bright light conditions. It also has no problem resolving high-def and standard-def sources, with Sony’s technologically-advanced noise reduction system helping in cleaning out noise from low definition sources.


Being on the high end of the Sony’s line, the full 1080p HD resolution KDL-46Z4100/B is packed with features: four independently-adjustable picture and three color temperature presets; four aspect ratio modes for HD sources; and an excellent surround audio. This LCD has an Ethernet port; onscreen electronic programming guide (EPG); USB and PC ports; four HDMI ports and a suite of connectivity inputs/outputs. The second window in the picture-in-picture mode, though, accepts only TV/antenna input and is thus limited.

This Sony flagship HDTV would have been a great all-around performer were it not for its inconceivably lacklustre showing in the black level aspect. Still, it isn’t a bad deal, considering the full-array of features packed into this LCD, along with its handsome and fresh styling.

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