Pentax K-X Digital SLR Camera Review

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Pentax K-x 12.4MP Digital SLR with 2.7 inch LCD and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL Lens (Navy)
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The Pentax K-X is a great upper entry-level DSLR camera model that Pentax has produced to replace the older model in K200D at a much lower price despite making some cool upgrades to this newer model. The Pentax Pentax K-X is seen to be more compact but installed with less weather protection features as well as a less stunning AF system but equipped with an updated user interface to give their fans a brand new feel of the DSLR camera. This resulted in a product that is in the budget price range to target beginners and serious amateurs alike.

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However, the Pentax K-X offers their consumers with a user-friendly DSLR camera with high quality digital photography images that will make consumers new to photography excited. The easy-to-use Auto Picture modes as well as other functions can be learned in just one ultra-compact and light DSLR camera. This will allow new photographers to get accustomed with their new device while learning to shoot images with the Pentax K-X DSLR camera. The simplicity of this Pentax DSLR camera model is it is designed to facilitate and easy a one-handed photo shooting operation for photographers.

The 12.4 megapixel resolution Pentax K-X camera is integrated with a 2.7 inch wide view LCD screen, a Pentax-developed shake reduction technology that is similar to the other advance Pentax K-series as well as the various auto picture modes. The various picture modes include portrait, landscape, action and sports, night portrait and macro, each tailor made to provide guidance and enhance consumers’ creativity during their learning process in digital photography. In addition, consumers will feel that the price is worth the investment as Pentax includes two types of lenses in the package kit which are the 18-55mm lens.

The Pentax K-X also has the automatic and manual shutter priority (TV), aperture priority (Av) as well a sensitivity priority (Sv) to enable consumers to adjust the shooting settings according to their needs. The program feature provide settings such as on the shutter speed and aperture, flash mode choices, metering mode, ISO sensitivity, white balance and the image size to be captured before shooting operation. The Pentax K-X is also known for its no-nonsense approach to photography especially for the beginner and amateur DLSR users.

Despite being small in size, the Pentax K-X DSLR camera has quite a good balance and the comfortable grip really gives consumers a real feel of the camera in their hands. The great ergonomic design makes carrying the camera installed with a heavier lens more enjoyable and consumers could easily hang on to it for hours.

Although the Pentax K-X is an entry-level DSLR camera, other additional features on the camera are comparable to the other Pentax mid and high-level cameras including the sibling models of K20D and K200D where the newer Pentax K-X offer attractive continuous shooting mode and greater ISO 3200 features. Now Pentax has completed their DSLR camera levels with the Pentax K-X model and can be mentioned in the same breath as the Canon Rebel XS and the Olympus E-420 in terms of compactness, cool features and affordability.

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  1. I had the 35mm KX, I loved that camera. My son still uses it with B/W film. I like this camera. Quick,easy and lightweight. I have not used all the features yet, still learning but only bad photograph was astrophotography of the suns flares on my telescope and sun filter. Had some playing about with ‘F’ stop and exposure times. Rocommend to others.

    Overall Rating55555
    Value For Money55555

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