HDTV Buying Guides

HDTV Buying Guides

1. HDTV Buying Guides #1: Introduction
2. HDTV Buying Guides #2: HD Ready or not?
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4. HDTV Buying Guides #4: What HDTV technology is right for me?
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HDTV Buying Guides: Introduction

HDTV and the Main Principles of its Work

Every person wants to make his life out of work more interesting and that’s why people always buy gadgetry. We visit a supermarket, listen to the clever words of the shop assistants and usually don’t understand the single word. Let’s deep into the topic of HDTV as it is really popular now and any potential buyer has to know what he pays for. This article will be your guide in such an interesting and complicated topic as HDTV technology.

HDTV and its Development

HDTV means television of the higher quality of the image. This technology appeared in the 60′s of the former century as the new revolutionary word in technique. Many countries started to develop this invention but the most successfully the technology was used in United Kingdom. HDTV is the technology that changed the previous one called PAL.

PAL stands for Phase Alternating by Line. Why did the new technology capture the hearts of people? Every picture consists from small dots that are called pixels. The more pixels the picture has, the better image is. Just compare, TV’s that work with PAL technology has about 720 (across) and 576 (high). New HDTV technology offers 1920 x 1080. Pixels are arranged in lines and their amount is also important for the image of the high quality.

If PAL technology offers 576 lines, HDTV can provide you for 720 and more lines. And keep in mind that pixels and lines create the image of the high quality, not the size of the screen. A poor woman in a hospital and a solid gentleman in his office will see the picture of the same quality if their TV’s support PAL technology although the size of the device and their trademarks can be really different.

HDTV appeared in the middle of the former century. This format changed the previous one that was called standard. Of course HDTV is more interesting to watch as you feel that it is not just the picture, it is a real world you see on the screen. But remember that if you dream to enjoy HDTV picture, you need to get not just the TV set that supports that technology but also find the broadcast company that supports that same format.

With your old broadcast company you won’t be able to enjoy images with that high quality. So spend some more money and change your company into Sky (in the UK) or something like that. The fineness of the image showed on the screen of TV set that supports HDTV can be various. Don’t worry if you notice that resolution is not 1920 x1080 but 1366 x768. Sometimes the TV set receives PAL wave to change it into HDTV signal and that’s why the resolution is different.

The Essence of Technology

As it was mentioned above, the beauty and fineness of any picture, whether it is photo picture or video picture, depends on the amount of pixels. HDTV technology offers the greater amount of pixels. Besides they stay close to one another and form the vertical lines. The amount of lines in HDTV is much bigger too. Thus you see the image that is more precise, brighter and looks alive. The first people who appreciated HDTV technology were sport fans. They admired all the details of the football match or basketball play and felt that they were on the field themselves.

Sometimes the customers get HDTV devices and become disappointed as they see no difference. Remember that the quality of the picture depends not only on the TV set you have and its technology but also on the signal that is provided by your broadcast company. Contact your company to know the details or simply change it into Sky or any other to enjoy the new quality of image.

Facts about 3D Format

3D format is really popular now. To watch a picture in 3D is the kind of a good taste and respectability now, and it became a must to get a new device like TV set or other that supports 3D format. It is up to you to decide whether it is necessary or not, but it is more expensive, no doubt. Devices with 3D capacity will cost you a pretty penny and besides it will be necessary to get the glasses that help to create the image in 3D.

Many movie lovers get the films on blu-ray disks. It is an interesting technology that becomes more and more popular from day to day. Many broadcast companies have the separate channel that shows pictures in 3D. Of course, you can get it if you really want! But in fact it is not so necessary. HDTV provides you with ideal picture. But if you want to get the TV set with 3D function, don’t forget to buy the transmitter and glasses to match.

HDTV Changes Media World

HDTV technology changes not just the world of cinema. It changes the world of mass media in general. You can get not only TV set that supports HDTV technology, but also get blu-ray players that will show you 3D picture. Why those players are necessary? They create the picture in a small room in your house of that very high quality it is created on the wide screen in the cinema.

If the speed of the video at home is 25 shots in a minute, in the cinema we have 24. And that’s why the quality of the sound is much higher and the pictures are twice brighter in the cinema. Blu-ray players create small cinema in your house. You will be impressed by the quality of the picture and besides you will use your blu-ray player for many other purposes.

For example you will watch your family photos or play computer games – blu-ray players can do this. And they are really simple in use. To enjoy the films and games in 3D format, you need to get special blu-ray discs. 3D picture and HDTV technology changes the media world for better and everyone in your family starting from a child and ending with your mum will like those changes and use in everyday life.

Further Development

As it was mentioned at the very beginning, we work to change our lives for better. We are simple buyers and not all of us are engineers by profession. Quite often we don’t use technologies in our everyday life because simply don’t understand them. We are afraid that we won’t be able to use new players and TV sets, that the smallest and the oldest members of our families won’t get used to those new devices.

The latest inventions in modern technology usually pass along and we don’t get them. This article will be the special guide for simple people like you and me to understand the essence of new HDTV technology and to enjoy its advantages and quality. Now you can go to the supermarket, get the TV set with HDTV quality of picture and give that special gift to yourself and your native people.

HDTV technology develops constantly. Scientists from many countries work at it and offer their variants. Thus you will see TV sets with HDTV quality produced by English companies, American ones, Japanese, Chinese etc. Use this guide and learn more about HDTV technology in movies and games and share your experience with the others.

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