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Technology has created oceans of designs and collection in the mobile world as such purchasing a perfect cell phone of your choice is surely not a simple job. There are so many new kinds of handsets are available with the evolution of technology and because of the healthy competition amongst them, every manufacturer wants to provide best product at a reasonable price rate in order to increase the consumer’s demand.

Therefore it is important that you carefully analyze and choose wisely from the wide range of handsets and mobiles available.

Select the wireless carriers

The first step involved in the purchasing of mobile is that you need to select the perfect wireless carrier or provider of your choice. The wireless carriers basically work with the help of two networks namely GSM and CDMA. GSM means the Global System for Mobile Communication and CDMA means Code Division Multiple Access. Both these technology is completely different kinds of wireless carriers which offers diverse technology for transmitting data and voice.

Therefore you cannot operate GSM network if you buy a mobile that operates with the CDMA network. Therefore if you want to buy a mobile the first thing you need to decide upon is which network operation you prefer. GSM wireless network is the best opted one for those who are on the move always, and it is used in European and other surrounding countries. CDMA also provides best coverage within rural areas also. There are wide choices of mobiles available for both the network for you to select.

Select the pay plan

When the network has been selected the next thing you need to concentrate on is to choose the pay plan. There are both prepaid and post paid plans. Prepaid phones offers you service for which you need to pay before using it. Once you have used the paid amount then you can easily recharge according to your needs. But before signing the postpaid or prepaid plan it is essential that you read carefully the fine prints. Understand the charges and the cell phone rates also know if there are any extra charges for activation and for making international calls.

Important factors to concentrate for selecting a phone

Ok! Now that you have selected the Pay Plan and the service network provider it is now the time to choose the perfect mobile handset for you. You can select from the wide options of mobiles which suits you’re your needs and budget. Select the features that you are really going to use rather than paying extra charges for unwanted services. For example if you want to purchase a mobile that helps in making calls then you can opt for the basic models.

And if you are interested in selecting the mobile that offers various other features as such cameras, music player, emailing Bluetooth, 3G etc then you have to select a mobile accordingly which might be little expensive.

The style of the mobile is an added feature that you need to concentrate while buying the mobile. You need to select the handset which you might feel totally comfortable to hold in your hands. There are wide options available, such as the slider phones, flip phones or candy bar phones and much more to select from. It should be easy to be held close to your ear. Test it before the capability before choosing one. Carefully consider the following features as well for making the perfect choice.

Analyze the features of the cameras

With technology evolution in recent times every camera is designed within built cameras. But the quality of the cameras need to be checked, they come in so many varieties from 1.3 megapixel to more than 10 mega pixel camera which is loaded with video recording mode for high definition. Therefore these kinds of cameras enable taking quality picture images and video as well.

If the mobile has the internet connection then you can use the board cameras to assess to your business people or important relations through Skype where you can make free calls with the communication software present within. The mobile camera also becomes a bar code scanner when needed.

Amazing operating system

There is the new revolution in the mobile market which is known as the smartphones for example the iPhones. If you are ready to purchase a mobile which is little expensive then you can purchase an iPhone. These days most of the new phones are issued as smartphones only. The three major distributors of smartphones are the Windows Mobile 7 from Microsoft, Android from Google and iOS from Apple.

These operating systems are automatically updated on regular basis with amazing new features. Therefore ask your dealer while buying if the operating system is installed in your handset. Also check if the new improved updated versions could be used for free or wait for the version until you buy.

Understand the internal memory

The internal memory is the most important commonplace that is used for including a media player within. This special feature allows you to enjoy your favorite videos and movies while listening to the hip hop music while you are on the ride. This sure is an awesome feature but would be useful only if the mobile phone is loaded with the required memory card for storing the data.

The common mobile phones have space to include up to 128mb storage, while little expensive ones can be loaded with 32 GB memory card for expanded storage capacity. In certain phones the storage capacity could be increased by inserting a microSD card up to 32GB which allows you to carry the entertainment media in your pocket wherever you go.

Life of the battery

These days people want to buy mobile phones which are thinner and slimmer but with increased power capacity. But often the capacity of the battery is compensated for the other specified features. Though there has been advance development has been made in the technology of your mobile battery still with the advance rate of mobile users using it for playing videos and listening to music the life of the battery does not withstand time.

When you use the mobile for higher period of time for various interesting yet energy sapping features that are available in your mobile, then it surely shortens the battery life considerably. This is another important factor that you need t check before purchasing your mobile. Good luck!

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