Garmin nüvi 5000 5.2-Inch Portable GPS Navigator Review

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Garmin nüvi 5000 5.2-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
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Garmin Nuvi 5000 is the GPS device that is designed especially to fill the needs of car and SUVs as well as big enough to be used by RVs and truck drivers, considering that it has huge display screen of 5.2 inch diagonally that projects clear route ahead without being an obstruction to the consumer’s view of the road. The wide screen of the Garmin Nuvi 5000 provides a greater view of the map and the navigation cues and can be mounted up on the windshield farther away from the driver.

Not only the display screen provide clear image of the route, the Garmin Nuvi 5000 screen can also perform well in all light levels and made the display visible to the consumers. Other than that, the GPS device is also able to install preloaded maps and an FM transmitter. The brilliant color display even makes Garmin Nuvi 5000 a great gaming device to entertain your entourage on a long journey. The Nuvi 5000 is an easy to use GPS unit. With a crystal clear display on the screen, consumers will not miss a thing including map details, junctions, directions and it also provide consumers an extended surround view.

Garmin Nuvi 5000

Not only equipped with a preloaded City Navigator® NT street maps, the Garmin Nuvi 5000 has also been installed with thousands of points of interest (POI) that will make searching for a location as easy as finding it with the GPS device. Consumers can look out for restaurants, hotels, theme parks, ATMs as well as gas stations. In addition, the Garmin Nuvi 5000 will let you choose whether to have the map in 2D or 3D display as well as whether consumers would like to have the voice turned on or turned off.

What is great about the Garmin Nuvi 5000 GPS device is the unit will announce the consumer’s arrival at their designated destination in full detail so consumers may never have to take their eyes off the road before arriving at their destination. The “Where Am I?” feature in the Garmin Nuvi 5000 also enables consumers to see where they are at any given destination where they can view what are the points of interest nearby to their location. The GPS unit will also provide consumers with accurate longitude and latitude coordination readings so you know where you are exactly.

Travelling with the Garmin Nuvi 5000 allows consumers to relax and not to worry about not getting to their destination. The route planning feature enables consumers to save up to ten of their own routes and the GPS unit will help create the route on the display screen. The GPS unit can also be installed with multiple destination and create a better route for you to travel on. Furthermore, the GPS device will display road speed limits and consumers will be alerted should they break the speed limit allowed on the interstates or highways or any major roads in the area.

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